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Baby Waterslides



Height: 510 mm, monoblocco 275
Width: 640 mm, monoblocco 445
Slope: 15-18%
"Mat": No
Tube : No

The interactive game for children “RIDESPLASH” (giant mushroom) is made of body in glass-reinforced plastic with base of about 4 mt and height of about 3 mt, which represents a large stem of mushroom dominated on top by an enormous hat of diameter 6 mt where a water curtain falls down creating an atmosphere still more evocative.
From a platform on the top side of stem start three waterslide tracks for children  (two “MINITOBOGA” and one “MINI KAMIKAZE”) which allow to make descents full of emotion and an high hour capacity of customers.

- available in two different shapes with starting platform at 1,95 mt or at 2,3 mt
- ladder and starting platform on IROKO wood
- waterslide structure on stainless steel